Sashes confer style and elegance to windows and are a very good way to give that personal touch to your home. We offer sashes of various types, sizes and shapes, made of PVC or aluminum. We give you the possibility to choose glass-integrated sashes or glass-applied sashes.


The integrated sashes, used as decoration elements, are placed between the two layers of the panes, thus allowing for easy window maintenance. The sashes may come in different thickness options (8, 18 or 26 mm) and various colors: white, gold, golden oak, Cremeweiss, Anthrazit, etc.


Applied sashes are glued on the inside and the outside of the glass and therefore accentuate the selected pattern, and the integration with the general façade look is more obvious. We offer applied sashes of 26 or 35 mm thickness in white, foiled type or RAL colors.

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