The 82 series from Veka perfectly combines the insulating features of the joinery to increased durability and security levels. The pleasant design of the joinery perfectly fits any architecture style, be it ultra-modern buildings or old refurbished buildings.


JOINERY Class A joinery
Heat insulation 6-chamber system
Heat insulation 6-chamber system
Uf=1,1W/m 2 K
Zinc-coated steel reinforcement: 1.5mm – 3mm or equivalent
GLASS LowE, anti break-in and solar control glass, or decorative glass of the Saint Gobain brand
Standard: triple-pane 44 mm Ug=0,6W/m 2
Standard aluminum spacer
Option: Warm Edge spacer
HARDWARE/METAL FITTINGS GU Unijet, providing the windows with a high tightness and security level.
Standard version: anti-wrong handling, controlled aeration and Wk1 security system.
Option: WK2 security system
GASKETS EPDM – ensures increased window tightness to wind, rain and dust
3 sealing gaskets
3 color options (gray, black or caramel) depending on the joinery color
SLATS 2 erect
GRIPS Hoppe Secustick
Standard color: white or brown
Option: gold, silver, titanium and cream
HINGES GU with 3D adjustment
Mask covers: white and brown (standard); gold, silver, titanium and cream (optional).
Option: hidden hinge hardware/metal fitting