Blackout roller shades

In order for you to get more comfort, elegance and privacy inside your home, we offer you a wide range of overlapping or applied blackout roller shades that may be driven either manually or electrically, based on a switch or a remote control.


  • Protection against light and excessive noise
  • Protection against weather-fastness
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Break-in protection
  • Heat efficiency and soundproofing level increase (approx. 10% ) for the windows


  • Manual: cord, strip or crank handle
  • Electrical: switch or remote control

The motor systems in use are of the Somfy brand.
Optional: lock or self-locking system.


  • Aluminum and polyurethane foam bars of 39 or 44 mm
  • Wide range of colors: white, oak, nut tree, anthracite, red, green, etc

Exterior or applied roller shades

The applied exterior roller shades are classified according to the mounting type as follows:

  • Aluminum exterior roller shades applied directly on the window frame.
  • Aluminum exterior roller shades applied in the window empty space.
  • Aluminum roller shades applied on the exterior wall, above the window.


Aluminum case: at 45 degrees or round

Case height: 137 mm ( 500-1300 mm); 150 mm ( 1300-1700 mm); 165 mm ( 1700-2400 mm); 180 mm ( 2500-3300 mm)

Aluminum guides – 37 mm width* 8.5 mm thickness

As an option, a roller-type net may be incorporated in the case

Overlapping or single unit roller shades

The overlapping roller shades mounted on the joinery are assembled along with the joinery above the window casement. The advantage of this system lies in the possibility to fully cover the case of the lamellae carpet.


PVC case

Case height: 165 mm ( 500-1400 mm); 180 mm ( 1400-2100 mm); 205 mm ( 2100-2500 mm); 180 mm ( 2500-3300 mm)

PVC or aluminum guides

As an option, we may mount a roller-type net to be incorporated in the case