PVC Joinery


Our PVC windows are characterized by quality and innovative operating solutions, security and power consumption cut down. The elegant shapes of the joinery, the wide range of colors and accessories make our windows truly stand out through elegance and design.

Our joineries are in the Class A, 4, 5 or 6 chambers, provided with 1,5-3 mm zinc-coated steel reinforcement , ensuring window stability, durability and a better protection against noise and temperature alternations.

The glass covers 80% of the joinery’s surface, which is why we focus our special attention to such issue by using only Saint Gobain glass. Our windows will bring you: maximum heat insulation, increased security, optimum sound insulation and the best solar control.

The windows are equipped with GU brand hardware/metal fittings systems, providing high reliability, perfect tightness and maximum security (Wk1 or Wk2 anti break-in systems).


Veka 70

Its classical lines and the slightly rounded shape make the joineries fit for any architecture style, be it modern or traditional, new buildings or refurbished buildings.

Veka 82

The 82 series from Veka perfectly combines the insulation features of the joinery with increased durability and security levels.

The pleasant design of the joinery adequately fits into any architecture style, be it new ultra-modern buildings or old, refurbished buildings.

Veka Ekosol 70

The Ekosol slides are extremely silent and may be rather easily handled even in the case of large-sized glass surfaces.


The VekaSlide lift-slide system is the ideal solution when it comes to the performance of large glass surfaces allowing for a high luminosity level.

The lift and slide technology ensures a high stability level and easy handling. You may confine useful areas of up to 17,55 m 2 (L max. = 6,5 ml and H max. = 2,7 ml).

Ramplast 60 EcoTherm

The EcoTherm joinery design is simple and modern; such features combined to the sound and heat insulation ones clearly turn Ramplast into the ideal PVC joinery system intended for housing and trade spaces.

The joinery is ecological and not treated by human and environment harmful substances; the product is thus 100% recyclable.

Ramplast 70 EcoLux

The EcoLux series is a premium system of exceptional sound and heat insulation parameters; the design features rounded edges and compact sizes.