The design of the EcoTherm joinery is simple and modern, which is why such design when combined with sound and heat insulation features, turn the Ramplast joinery into the ideal solution for housing and trade space PVC joinery systems. The joineries are ecological and not treated with substances that are human and environment harmful, thus being 100% recyclable.


JOINERY Class A joinery
Heat insulation 4-chamber system
Base depth of 60 de mm
Uf=1,4 W/m 2 K
Zinc-coated steel reinforcement: 1.5 mm – 2 mm or equivalent
GLASS LowE, anti break-in glass, solar control from Saint Gobain
Double pane: 24 mm Ug=1,1 W/m 2 K
Standard aluminum spacer
Option: Warm Edge spacer
HARDWARE/METAL FITTINGS Vorne brand hardware/metal fittings ensuring high window tightness and security levels
GASKETS EPDM – ensures increased window tightness to wind, rain and dust
2 sealing gaskets
GRIPS Hope Secustick
Standard color: white or brown
Option: gold, silver, titanium and cream
HINGES Vorne brand, 3 D adjustment