The EcoLux series is a premium system of exceptional sound and heat insulation parameters; the design features rounded edges and compact sizes.


JOINERY Class A joinery
Heat insulation 6-chamber system
Base depth of 70 de mm
Uf=1,2 W/m 2 K
Zinc-coated steel reinforcement: 1.5 mm -2 mm or equivalent
GLASS LowE, anti break-in glass, solar control or decorative from Saint Gobain
Standard: Double-pane 24 mm Ug=1,1W/m 2 K
Option: triple-pane 34 mm Ug=1,0 W/m 2 K
Standard aluminum spacer
Option: Warm Edge spacer
HARDWARE/METAL FITTINGS Vorne brand hardware/metal fittings ensuring high window tightness and security levels
GASKETS EPDM – ensures increased window tightness to wind, rain and dust
3 sealing gaskets
SLATS Erect or rounded
GRIPS Hoppe Secustick
Standard color: white or brown
Option: gold, silver, titanium and cream
HINGES Vorne brand, 3D adjustment