Mosquito screens/nets

The insect mesh screens provide maximum protection against mosquitoes and other insects, without actually having to use insecticides. These are characterized by: high reliability, since the net is made of carbon fiber and the frame is made of aluminum joinery, thus allowing for easy maintenance and a good visibility towards the outdoor space and a permanent air exchange between the indoor and the outdoor.

The screens are composed of:

  • Electrostatic field spray painted aluminum frames
  • The net is made of carbon fiber that is translucent, uninflammable, resistant to weather – fastness and to solar rays actions.

Depending on preferences and opening type, we offer:

Fixed mosquito screens

The nets are made of Eloxal-treated or electrostatic field spray painted aluminum joinery, which provides stability and resistance to thermal and mechanical stress for the nets. The screens may be mounted on the casement by means of clamps that are available in 2 models.


Electrostatic spray-painted aluminum frame, in a variety of colors.

Clamp mounting

Easy maintenance

Easy removal

Prevents insects and dust penetration

Increased durability

Mobile mosquito screens

The mobile insect screens are made of aluminum and fiber glass joinery that are extremely resistant to breaking. There is a wide range of mobile insect screens available depending on the opening type, the sizes and the utility. We offer 4 types of mobile insect screens depending on the opening pattern.

Hinged mobile insect screens

  • Electrostatic spray-painted aluminum frames, in standard RAL colors: white /brown.
  • They are mounted on the casement, adjacent to the mobile part of the window, on hinges
  • They are easily removable in winter time, in order to avoid wear
  • The mounting may be made by means of a reliable locking system, to be driven from the inside by using a grip
  • They may be mounted on windows of any size.
  • They are easily cleaned and maintained.

Roll type mobile insect nets

  • They are made with aluminum casing and guides
  • They are vertically driven by means of a cord
  • They may be mounted simultaneously with or subsequently to exterior rolls
  • They are provided as standard option with a braking system preventing net deterioration by automatically slowing down the windup speed inside the casing after same being unblocked.
  • In winter time or any time they are no longer necessary, the mobile mosquitoes screens may be lifted inside the casing, thus they do not require dismantling from of the window exterior side.
  • Increased durability
  • Easy handling

Sliding mobile insect screens

  • They are particularly used on large opening slide doors
  • They operate on the same principle as the roll type nets, but are laterally driven

Door type mobile insect screens

  • They are used for balcony, terrace or entrance doors
  • The frames are made of special aluminum joinery providing a better mechanic resistance and a pleasant look
  • The special string hinges keep the door-type mobile insect screen in closed position
  • They are closed by means of a snapper grip