The entrance door is an important element in the house components and adds value to you house. The door must be carefully selected and must be focused on design, quality and security.

We provide a wide range of ornamental panels made of PVC, HPL and Aluminum that are fit for every building style. The ornamental panels are resistant to mechanical shocks, moist and confer increased heat insulation and rigidness but, at the same time, a pleasant look.

We cooperate with European-renowned ornamental panels manufacturers, such as Grad Export and Gava Plast.


Elegant and harmonious design, which is integrated in such a way that you may benefit from a customized product.

The panel may be customized depending on the selected window type, as well as depending on the various ornaments that you can choose from, such as: various color ornamental profile wheel, special foil or metal imitation.

The products are UV-resistant, thus the expansion or the contraction process is much more reduced.

Various thicknesses: 24; 36; 40; 44 mm

Various compositions: polyurethane foam, Isofix, steel sheet, etc

PVC products

HPL products

Aluminum products