Sectional garage doors


The sectional garage doors provided by Seharia Group are designed with the focus in mind to first offer maximum quality and security, and they are truly the perfect solution for your garage.

Besides the elegant look they confer to your house, the sectional garage doors will provide safety, convenience during use and elegance; they incorporate state-of-the-art technologies pursuant to European standards on operational safety;further, an optional equipping wide range is available.

Color and accessories variety

● 40 types of panels on various standard colors and drawing are available
● Possibility for the garage doors to be glazed
● Possibility for a walk-through door to be embedded
● Standard colors: white (RAL 9010), brown ( 8014), grey ( RAL 9006)
● Option colors: mahogany, nut tree, golden oak, wenge, anthracite
● Spring-slide system, front or back
● Motorization options: Nice or Somfy

Heat insulation

● 500 or 610 mm height and 40 mm thick steel sandwich panels
● Rigid polyurethane foam filling
● Heat transfer coefficient = 0.50 degrees Celsius
● Lateral gaskets
● Door bottom double lining

Comfort, safety and security

● Remote controlled electric operation, by using a remote control
● String breaking safety system
● Safety against having the fingers caught between the panels
● Possibility for emergency opening in case of an electric failure
● Operation guarantee for a number of 15 000 / 25 000 cycles