In a changing market where customer requirements and expectations grow from day to day, we are proposing a new solution capable of meeting the most rigorous requirements. The need for innovation and a variety of colors and design to make PVC profiles harmonious in the universe created by architects, Veka comes with a new color concept – VEKA SPECTRAL. Due to its special resistance to scratches and environmental factors, as well as the fact that it benefits from the durability of Class A, exclusive to VEKA solutions, the new chromatic platform comes with a 10 year warranty on weathering.

A new aesthetic dimension

VEKA SPECTRAL proposes for the first time an original design and a ultramodern chromatic palette. The refined lacquering process gives a velvety feel to the touch, provides increased resistance to scratches and external natural factors. In addition, the Anti-Graffiti effect protects against fingerprints, removes impurities and facilitates cleaning. Innovation in surface finishing technology also consists in the diversification of design through metallic effects, which allows a short response to architectural trends.

The colors in this range (anthrazit ultramatt, ultrafast fenstergrau and ultramatt shadow) are elegantly defined and dedicated to vision customers who want an atypical design in their homes. In the future we will return with other models and textures, but also other color versions, from ultra-matt to high-gloss.

Reduced heat and strength absorption

While preserving internationally recognized quality, the new technology is characterized by both innovative color and design, as well as unmatched features such as reduced heat absorption, leading to profile stabilization and resistance to temperature and humidity changes.

Furthermore, VEKA SPECTRAL is completely recyclable and the processing process does not involve changes on the production lines.