Given our significant range of metal fittings/hardware, we are able to provide various safety equipments intended for aluminum and PVC windows and doors of the tilt and slide opening type, tilt and turn type, oscillation type or folding type.

The locking systems are adjusted to all security levels, from basic security to certified break-in resistance.

We provide customized solutions for the entire range of usage – from windows or slides to manual lock entrance doors and fire-retardant doors equipped with an anti-panic function.


UNI-JET tilt and slide system – for windows

Windows of up to a 130 kg weight

The metal fitting/hardware is guaranteed for 15000 closing/opening cycles

Optimum anti-corrosion protection, due to the ferGUard*silver procedure

The scissor hinges provide several ventilation stages

Easy handling

All closing points are provided with steel rollers

3D hinges pleasant design

Option: hidden hinges

Multi-point locking system for doors

5-point locking cremone

3 key Europea cylinder

Handle or key drive locking

3D door adjustable hinges

Optional: 2 or 4 hook security lock

VdS certification, complying with the Class A security

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